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Encyclopedia of Protestantism
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Routledge is proud to announce the publication of a new major reference work from world-renowned scholar Hans J. Hillerbrand. The 'Encyclopedia of Protestantism' is the definitive reference to the history and beliefs that continue to exert a profound influence on Western thought. Featuring entries written by an international team of specialists and scholars, the encyclopedia traces the course of Protestantism from its beginnings prior to 1517, when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of Wittenberg Cathedral, to the vital and diverse international scene of the present day. The 'Encyclopedia of Protestantism': Examines important individuals such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer, Watchman Nee, Jonathan Edwards, and Brigham Young Discusses various movements including Anglicanism, Evangelicalism, Pentecostalism, Puritanism, and Mormonism Provides insight into critical events in the history of Protestantism such as the Edict of Worms, Reformation, AzusaStreet Revivial, Edinburgh Missionary Conference of 1910, and the Edict of Nantes Includes global coverage of the impact of Protestantism in nations such as India, Australia, Brazil, Korea, Nigeria, Poland, New Zealand, and the Caribbean Tackles contentious and hot topics in Protestantism including abortion, Darwinism, faith healing, euthanasia, capital punishment, feminist theology, and anti-Semitism Considers organizations such as the American Bible Society, Baptist World Alliance, Sudan Interior Mission, and the YMCA/YWCA Examines issues including gender, childhood, war, toleration, ecology, industrialization, and music

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